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Root canal treatment is one of the most dreaded dental procedures. The funny thing is that people worry about the procedure based on misconceptions and half-truths. There isn’t enough emphasis on the importance of the procedure. For one, very few people speak of root canal therapy as an ideal way to save your natural tooth as long as possible. This is where most of the concepts of dentistry are founded. It is unfortunate that despite modern dentistry, many people in the world still suffer tooth loss in adulthood.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

It is a dental procedure that focuses on saving the life of a tooth. It is intended to save an adult tooth for as long as possible. The procedure involves the removal of the internal parts of a tooth to extend its lifespan. This usually follows a kind of damage or risk of infection. Most people who seek root canal procedures in Rowlett and Mesquite experience discomfort in their teeth because of the damage incurred.

More About Root Canal

One of the core advantages of root canal therapy is that it helps relieve dental pain that results from damage. The process of tooth damage happens in different phases.

The first step is when the enamel of the tooth is damaged. Mostly, this damage is due to dental decay. At this point, a cavity forms in the surface of the tooth. The cavity then becomes the entry point for bacteria, plaque, and food residues to make way into the internal structure of the tooth.

With time the central part of the tooth is damaged. The infection makes way to this part of the tooth. It is called the pulp chamber, which houses nerve endings, blood vessels, and other soft tissues. When the inside of the tooth is damaged, the blood vessels and nerve endings also suffer damage. This is where you begin to experience severe toothaches.

The more severe part of the infection is when it gets to the roots of your tooth. This threatens the foundation and stability of teeth. The infection causes the buildup of abscesses at the root of your tooth. This will increase your pain levels, as well as cause pronounced inflammation and swelling. The infection also finds a way to keep spreading in the surrounding areas. You may even begin to experience bone loss along the process.

The whole point of endodontic therapy in Rowlett and Mesquite is to prevent the progression of tooth damage as highlighted above. It works by cleaning out any infection in your mouth. The process also involves removing the pulp contents. This is important because the nerves and blood vessels are already damaged. Keeping them would leave room for future infection.

Is Root Canal Treatment Safe?

If you are worried about the safety measure of the endodontic treatment, you need more information. Technically, the removal of the pulp contents is a safe procedure. Besides, the blood vessels and nerve endings are only important to the tooth during development. Once your tooth is fully matured, it can survive without the pulp content, as long as it is attached to the jawbone by the roots.

The endodontic process allows you to keep your natural tooth for as long as possible. Besides that, removing the infection and damage ensures that the damage does not recur in the future.

What To Expect From The Procedure

The procedure of root canal is a lot different from others. Some of the things to expect include:

  • Local anesthesia – it is necessary to numb your mouth prior to the process. This is already an area of pain due to nerve damage. Dental works can make it more uncomfortable without anesthesia.
  • Drilling – an Incision hole has to be created in your tooth to crease access to the pulp chamber. The endodontist will then use special tools to remove the contents of the pulp. This stage involves removing all infection and any abscesses that may have settled at the root of your tooth.
  • Dental filling – a filling will be used to close the drilled hole as well as the cavity on your tooth.
  • Dental crowns – in some cases, tooth crowns are necessary, to support the dental filling and hold everything together.

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