Tooth Extractions

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Our goal is for all of our patients to have all of their teeth for all of their lives. But we know this is an ideal, and teeth need to be extracted (or fall out). While tooth extractions can be a scary, our dentists and team at Bayside Dental are dedicated to providing patients with the most comfortable, safest and high quality care possible. When are tooth extractions needed and how can you or a member of your family benefit from them? Continue reading on for more information on tooth extractions for your smile!

When are tooth extractions needed?

A tooth extraction may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Wisdom teeth often need to be removed, individuals of a wide range of ages. Our oldest patient needing wisdom tooth extraction is 81! Wisdom teeth can be hard to keep clean based on their location in the mouth, causing infections and other problems. Wisdom teeth can also cause Overcrowding, which can affect your overall mouth and lead to problems in the future. Severely damaged, decayed, or infected teeth may be “too far gone” to save, meaning they need to be extracted. While many people think that losing a molar (back tooth) is “no big deal” because it can’t be seen, we know the impact of losing even one tooth. We will provide you with options to replace the tooth whenever possible; see our sections on Bridges and Implants. Call our team today for more information or to schedule a consultation to see if you could benefit from an extraction.

What happens during a tooth extraction?

As with all of our procedures, our goal is for you to be comfortable and pain-free. A tooth extraction procedure can typically be completed in a single visit to our dental clinic in Rowlett, TX. The dentist will numb you with local anesthesia to avoid any pain or discomfort you could experience during the procedure. For more information regarding a tooth extraction procedure, we encourage you to call our staff. Call us today to set up your next appointment in Rowlett, TX with one of our dentists.

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