Teeth Whitening

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Millions of Americans dream of having a perfect set of shining white teeth. Many have tried countless over the counter products and DIY remedies, achieving little success. If you find yourself desiring a brighter smile, our specialists at Bayside Dental are here to help you find the right treatment plan for you.

Why Should You Whiten your Teeth?

Teeth whitening is one of the most highly requested cosmetic procedures in the United States right now, and its popularity continues to rise. Having a brighter smile can give a person a younger, more youthful appearance, which in turn can help boost confidence as well as self-esteem. Having a set of sparkling white teeth can also make a big impression on the way others view you. This is why many opt to have their teeth whitening before an important or special event such as a job interview, class reunion, or wedding.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

We are proud to offer the KoR whitening system because of its technology and predictable results. KoR whitening can achieve astonishing results, even in patients who suffer from sensitivity. The whitening is done over a period of time at home, and the results are permanent, only requiring occasional touch-ups. For patients who have difficult-to-whiten teeth, including older people and those with tetracycline stains, KoR is a great, effective whitening option. In-office treatment may be done once the at-home portion is complete, but isn’t always necessary.

At Bayside Dental we also offer Opalescence whitening gels. This treatment option is popular among those who don’t have much trouble whitening or problems with sensitivity. We also offer in-office treatment using Opalescence for that brightening that will make your smile dazzle! We will discuss your whitening plan, which includes working with existing restorations (which don’t change color) to ensure you get the even, light-colored teeth of your dreams. can be tailored to your individual needs and applied in the comfort of your own home.

Contact us at Bayside Dental today to discuss the optimum teeth whitening systemfor you. We love seeing our patients loving their new, brighter, whiter smiles!

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