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Going to the dentist isn’t always an easy task. Many are afraid of the various tools and instruments being used in their mouth. Others have a fear of the possible pain and discomfort they could experience during different treatments and procedures during their appointments. Regardless of the reasoning, our dentists are aware of this fear and strive to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for every single one of our patients. We also provide sedation dentistry when necessary to alleviate the anxiety and pain that comes with procedures. What is sedation dentistry and how could it benefit your situation? Continue reading on for more information regarding the services we provide to further help you and your family.

What is sedation dentistry?

There are several different methods in sedation dentistry that our dental team is experienced with including laughing gas sedation and oral and IV sedation.

  • Laughing gas sedation (also known as nitrous oxide), is administered through a small mask placed over your nose. This form of sedation is lighter compared to other sedative methods, and allows you to receive treatment while you are still conscious and aware of what is happening during the procedure. Laughing gas is the most common form of sedation offered in dentistry.
  • Oral sedation is a popular method used to alleviate the anxiety that comes with different procedures at the dental clinic. Your Bayside Dental dentist will provide you with prescribed medication and ask you to take it before your scheduled appointment with us. This method allows you to remain awake and aware yet also totally relaxed and without anxiety. If you and your dentist decide on this option, they will ask you to bring a driver to safely take you home after your procedure.

For more information regarding sedation dentistry, contact a member of our Bayside Dental staff.

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