Emergency Dental Care

Dentist in Rowlett

Dental emergencies happen any time, anywhere! Often times, whether it’s an accidental fall or simply biting into the wrong food at the wrong time, broken and chipped teeth are common occurrences. Continue reading to learn more about the emergency dental care services our dental team provides in Rowlett, TX and what you should do in a dental emergency.

What do I do in a dental emergency?

This first thing we recommend is to call our dental office right away. We are open during convenient hours for the benefit of our patients like you. After hours, our calls get sent to our emergency cell phone which is always handled by us personally (not an answering service). Of course, if you feel that your emergency is life-threatening, call 911!

Emergency Dental Care Treatment

We encourage your family to have our dental clinic’s number readily available for any dental emergencies you or your family may experience. Ask your dentist at Bayside Dental for more education on what to do during an emergency situation. Call us today to learn more or to set up your next dental examination with a member of our dental staff in Rowlett, TX. We are eager to provide you and your family with the best quality of dental care possible!

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