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You may experience trouble sleeping or even feel tired just after waking up. Sometimes, our bodies just can’t keep up. If you feel overwhelmed by sleeplessness, stress, and exhaustion, there is no need to worry.

We at Bayside Dental are committed to helping you reset your bodily rhythms and keep away stress hormones. This is the reason we are offering you NuCalm- a new high-tech therapy that promotes relaxation.

Learn About NuCalm

This is a natural treatment method that is scientifically proven. It aims to put one in a state of therapeutic calm. Its original purpose after it was created was to help people with substance use related disorders and PTSD. This technique improves one’s health by reducing stress levels and boosting natural functions.


With the many stress triggers in your days, your body will always be alert. There are times you may never feel that your body truly relaxes. The NuCalm treatment works by activating your parasympathetic nervous system.

This system is responsible for conserving energy in your body so as to counteract stress responses. Though you may need an adrenaline rush if you are in a challenging situation or want to beat a deadline, excessive portions are harmful to your health as they increase your blood pressure and heart rate.

What NuCalm Can Do

When the parasympathetic system is in control, it counteracts the body’s reaction to situations that may be stressful. The following benefits will accrue from using this treatment:

  • More energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Better moods
  • Increased digestion
  • Slower breathing and heart rates
  • A decrease in blood pressure
  • Increased circulation
  • Stronger immunity

The physical and psychological aspects of calm can greatly benefit many aspects of your life. NuCalm solves almost all your issues ranging from aging signs to troubled sleep.

How is the Treatment Done?

The procedure involves three steps that guide the brain into a state of euphoria. Prior to your visit t the doctor, there is no need for taking is just like a spa visit. Let us look at what this treatment involves:

  • Nucalm Biosignal processing disc is placed on the left wrist. It serves to deliver electromagnetic signals via the Pericardium-6 point. This will trigger physiological changes that send the body into restorative rest.
  • The Neuroacoustic app directly directs the brainwaves through sound. You can pick any soundtrack that matches your mood. Each of these soundtracks constitutes built-in beats that induce natural alpha and theta brain wave healing powers.
  • Eye mask blocks all the light, thus helping you and your space to remain separate. It also keeps lights and movements from interrupting the relaxation state.

NuCalm for Mental Illness

As earlier mentioned, the original goal of developing NuCalm was to help those veterans suffering from PTSD. It can put patients unable to put up with regular practice into a state of meditation.

The treatment introduces some physiological changes which may have an effect on neurotransmitters and the brain functions that may have been implicated by mental illnesses. Conditions such as anxiety and depression, restricts the flow of blood to certain brain regions. That is why you have NuCalm for the restoration of normal circulation levels.

If you have PTSD or anxiety, you will have to hold a discussion with a professional in mental health to establish whether NuCalm will be an asset to the treatment plan you are on. Though it is okay for anyone to use it as a stress-reliever, it should be used with other medications, not solitary. Do not start attending treatment sessions without first informing your doctor.

Restorative Sleep

Sleep plays a vital part in healing stresses that lurch at us daily. Several body functions are dependent on experiencing restorative sleep: digestion, development of muscle memory, and even mood regulation. When you find it hard going to sleep, not only are your energy levels depleted but also your whole body is affected.

This is where NuCalm therapy comes to your aid. Studies indicate that 45 minutes of the treatment equal two to five hours of sleep. Getting the treatment regularly helps you get higher quality sleep. There is no need to continue using sleeping pills when NuCalm makes everything easier.

Try NuCalm Therapy with Bayside Dental

This therapeutic solution may be just the key to the calm you’ve been searching for. Both your body and brain will be refreshed when the procedure is done. We offer Nucalm treatment in Rowlett and Mesquite. Contact us today and book an appointment.

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