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The most annoying thing is a lost or damaged tooth. It spoils the entire look and solutions to this problem are not many to list. Dentists recommend a dental bridge to fill the space for the lost tooth. Dental crowns are advised when the teeth are damaged. Scroll down to find out everything about dental crowns and bridges.

What are Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth-shaped structure that covers the space of lost teeth. A bridge works like a cover. Usually, they are made up of porcelain fused to metal for more strength and natural appearance. They do not make a difference between natural teeth and last for approximately seven years.

What is the Procedure for Dental Bridges

False teeth are strongly attached between two crowns. These teeth bear the bridge. First, the neighboring teeth on each side are prepared for crowning. Then the bridge is cemented in place. Implants can be used for bridging as well. The bridge will not spoil your look with its artificial look. It looks like natural teeth after cementing.

What Are Dental Crowns

An artificial tooth is generally termed as a dental crown. Usually, the material used for making dental crowns is porcelain and ceramic. They give the crown a natural look. They are also used as a tooth cap. To replace the back teeth, gold is also used for the crowns. It provides more strength.

What is the Procedure for Dental Crowning?

For your better understanding, the tricky dental crowning procedure has been divided into the following steps. Give them a read to know the procedure before getting one.

Your dentist will first take an x-ray of your teeth. It will help him or her to examine the denture. If there is a need for RCT or any other cleaning treatment, your dentist will not proceed for crowning. If everything is good with your teeth, the next step is preparation.

For the preparation, your dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding gums with a local anesthesia. Performing the treatment without numbing will make it extremely painful for you.

Crowns have a variety to choose the best one. The chosen crown will be placed and shaped according to the size of your teeth.

When Do You Need Crowns or Bridges

Not every dental problem can be solved with crowns and bridges. Here are some situations in which your dentist will recommend a dental bridge or crown.

  • After a root canal treatment, the hole in the teeth is covered with dental crowns.
  • Dental fillings need crowns as a shield for protection against microbial attack.
  • Any broken, chipped, or cracked teeth require a crown as a treatment.
  • Bridges are used for missing teeth.
  • Crowns and bridges are an all-in-one solution for your perfect smile.

If you have any of these issues, visit a dentist near you. Save your teeth and get dental crown treatment in Rowlett and Mesquite now.

Different Materials Used In the Manufacture

There are different types of crowns and bridges based on the type of material used for the manufacture. Here are the commonly used material for crowns and bridges.

The Porcelain Fused To Metal

The crowns or bridges have a metal inner lining and a porcelain outer layer. The porcelain fused to metal bridges or crowns are considered the most durable ones. The metal surface adheres better with the tooth. Your appearance is only affected if there is a difference between the color of your teeth and this installation.

The Porcelain Crowns or Bridges

Ceramic is another name used for this material. This material is best for the front teeth. You might hear this about ceramic or porcelain crowns. This is an appropriate choice for people who are allergic to metal.

How to Save Dental Crowns or Bridges

Here are some tips that you can follow to save these little additions in your mouth.

  • Do not miss brushing twice a day.
  • Do not forget to floss especially after having meat.
  • Mouthwash at least once a day is mandatory.
  • Good quality brushes and toothpaste will be a plus.

We at Bayside Dental can help you with your dental health. Our dentists know how to install crowns and bridges and can help you with proper maintenance. If you are searching for dental crown treatment in Rowlett and Mesquite, we can prove to be the right choice. Contact us now with your questions.

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