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With modern dental technology like the 3D CT (Computed Tomography) scan, our dentist in Mesquite, TX can create a temporary crown right there in the office and install the titanium implant—all in a single visit.

What are Same-day Implants?

Immediate loading or same-day fixtures procedure is done provisionally as the permanent implants are being drilled. Moreover, the procedure done is same as the dentist will drill down the jaw to place the implant.

These implants allow you to have a temporary restoration and will save you the frequent visits to the dentists.

The difference between the immediate and traditional implants is the time and place of the crown, but other than that they are the same in function. If done correctly immediate or same-day implants are safe and durable.

These dental implants have minimal disruption to your daily life; you can eat and talk with ease.

Same-day Dental Implants–Who is a Candidate?

Our dentist will assess your oral health and medical history to see if you are an ideal candidate for the immediate implants. To be eligible;

  • You need to have good oral and overall health. That means you don’t smoke, have an autoimmune or chronic disease.
  • You don’t suffer from bruxism. Teeth grinding and clenching disqualify you from getting the same-day implants
  • Have a good bone density. Dental implants need bone thickness and density. If you have suffered a bone loss, you may require a bone grafting before the dental implant procedure. Bone grafts increase bone thickness for implant support

The Same-day Procedure

On the first consultation, the dentist will discuss, assess your dental health and check medical history. Diagnostic tests like x-ray and CT scan are done to give an idea of what dental procedure is suitable.

The surgery

The surgery takes about an hour, and most of this time is consumed making the crown.

After the gum is completely healed—takes about three to six months, the provisional crown will be replaced with the permanent one.

What to expect after the surgery?

The dental surgery is done under a local anesthetic and recovery is straightforward. However, you will experience pain and discomfort as the anesthesia wears off. The dentist will prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics to keep infections at bay.

Immediate Dental Implants Risks

Any licensed dentist can perform the same-day dental implant procedure, but not all will be willing to do so because of the risks and complications involved. Any complication can put your health and their reputation at risk.

  • Implant movement

Dental implants can become loosened and move affecting the healing process. Implant movement causes pain, gum bleeding, discoloration on the affected area, and increases the risk of failure.

  • Insufficient Bone Support

Dental implants, whether permanent or immediate, need sufficient bone density to support the implants. Before the surgery is done, our dentist will do a thorough assessment to determine if you need bone grafting or not.

  • Same-day dental implants are not unique

Any sort of oral surgery is risky, including the same-day implants. Although they have a 70% success rate, immediate dental implants can cause pain, infection, gum bleeding, and they might loosen and fail.

Same-day Implant Benefits

Despite the glaring complications, same-day implants offer a plethora of benefits.

  • Natural-looking

Since the crown is fixed on the implant immediately, the gum will grow around it creating a natural look. However, the dentist may have to remodel the tissue for a perfect fit.

  • Less time consuming

Unlike the traditional implants, same-day ones can be completed in one visit dramatically cutting down the dentist visits

  • The implants are less physically disruptive to the bone and have a quick recovery time
  • The same-day implants are more affordable

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We emphasize that not every patient is suitable for this procedure. If you have severe gum and tooth damage, the traditional implants may be suitable for you.

Do you feel you may benefit from the immediate dental implants? Well, make an appointment with our dentist for an assessment to determine which treatment is best for you.

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